Omar Huerta Tobon and Karen Miller are the driving force behind Sacred Space Garden Design. A master stone mason and landscape designer/professional photographer respectively, they share a vision of preserving and enhancing the qualities of the Southern California lifestyle. They have been working together since 2002, creating unique and personalized outdoor living spaces. They have grown their business considerably over the years and have become sought after for their artistic sensibilities as well as their dedication to serving their clients needs.

Today, Sacred Space strives to enrich our collective quality of life enabled by our Mediterranean climate using organic & sustainable practices. Focused on conserving our precious water resources through the creation of California friendly gardens & outdoor rooms, the owners share a unique visual acuity carefully honed through a combined 40 years of experience.

A family owned and operated, full-service landscape design and installation company, our service is highly personalized to meet your budget and your dreams. We guide you and help shape your project from concept to completion.

We listen, meditate & wonder, then plan, present & implement.
We make promises. We keep them.
Balanced, calm, cooperative & flexible.
On-time & on-budget.

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