Drought Tolerant & Sustainable Landscaping in Pasadena, Altadena CA

The importance of water conservation goes beyond meeting the recent restrictions placed on us by the local water agencies of Los Angeles County. We must take measures to ensure that we are not only consuming wisely and with moderation now, but carrying these practices well in to the future.

Sustainable and drought tolerant landscaping practices contribute greatly towards reducing our footprint on this planet. Every small measure counts. Please read below to review some of the ways that you can take action now.

  • Update your watering system – have it professionally evaluated for maximum efficiency. Weather Based “Smart Controllers” are an excellent choice to ensure that you are using water wisely
  • Retrofit your irrigation system to drip line or low flow rotating spray heads. When professionally installed these are extremely efficient and will deliver water much more precisely
  • Remove all or part of your water thirsty lawn and replace it with drought tolerant ground cover, Decomposed Granite, gravel, etc.
  • Use permeable hardscape surfaces wherever possible, allowing rainwater and irrigation runoff to seep back into the water table
  • Install decorative yet functional rain chains or a rainwater harvesting system as a means of capturing rainwater for later use
  • Use plants from the 5 Mediterranean areas of the world
  • Use Succulents – extremely low maintenance with very low water needs
  • Keep your plants well mulched with 2-4” of organic matter
  • Devote a portion of your yard to fruit and nut trees, vegetable production and/or herbs. You will delight at the ease with which you can supply your family with healthy, fresh foods

You can make a difference. We can help!

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